Sunday, March 09, 2014

Drunk driver with shirt inside out and backwards told police he was on his way to kill his friend

Alberto Moreno drove past an officer at such high speed, the officer just saw a blur and felt his car shake. Another law officer said Moreno's pick-up went "so fast that a speed was unable to be determined."

When investigators on Feb. 18 finally stopped Moreno, 45, in Fort Pierce, Florida he slurred out "that he was on his way to kill his friend for screwing him over earlier that day and that he knew he was speeding and all over the road as well as drunk."

Moreno, whose shirt was inside out and backwards, smelled of booze. He said he'd been imbibing all day, saying he'd just come from his house where he'd quaffed half a dozen beers. Investigators asked Moreno whether he'd complete field sobriety exercises.

He said he'd be glad to, and stepped out of his GMC pick-up, losing his balance. After performing field sobriety exercises, Moreno, of Port St. Lucie, was arrested on a DUI charge.

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mike said...

typo in the report "...that he would be glad too..."