Monday, March 31, 2014

Fury after bus driver forced six-year-old girl to show her teeth

A bus driver in northern Sweden has incurred the wrath of a mother by forcing her daughter to show her teeth, after accusing the parent of lying about her child's age in order to ride the bus for free. The incident occurred in Sundsvall where they have a policy that children under the age of seven can go on the bus free of charge - if accompanied by an adult.

However, when the girl was getting on-board the bus with her mother the driver suspected she was overage. He asked how old she was and the mother replied that she was six before asking the daughter who gave the same age. After a dispute his asked the girl to open her mouth to show how many teeth she had. "The driver told Rebekah to open her mouth to show her teeth and Rebekah did. I didn't have time to react," mother Danissa Atterhagen said.

When the girl complied with the driver's request he told her mother she had too many teeth for a six-year-old. He added that she was also too tall for a child claiming to be six. Eventually, after a stand-off, the driver allowed the mother and daughter on-board but with a proviso that the next time they got on together Atterhagen junior wouldn't be considered to be a six-year old.

A furious Danissa Atterhagen has since got in contact with the bus company, Keolis, and demanded an apology. She added that the whole incident has upset her young daughter. "What made me angry and sad was the treatment of us. Okay, if the driver had done that to me but to my daughter ... afterwards she found it to be quite difficult. She can't really understand why she was forced to show her teeth," Atterhagen added. Public transport operator Keolis have yet to comment publicly on the incident.


Anonymous said...

my son was taller than most second-graders and had his two top front permanent teeth before he turned five years old. Not a good way to check someone's age.

Anonymous said...

Too many teeth? My granddaughter had all of her teeth come in by the time she turned one.

Anonymous said...

NOTE: the article still doesn't state the child's age. "the mother replied she was six", "has upset her young daughter"