Saturday, March 29, 2014

Norwegian roads agency not amused by Silly Walk road signs

A pair of doctored comedy road signs installed at a zebra crossing in Ørje, inspired by Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks, have not gone down well with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

"It's just for fun. There's no deep thought behind it," Reidar Johannes Søby from the Kreativiteket art group said. "People live in their ordinary lives and when they see this sign, maybe they can have a little smile on their face. That's all."

The signs, designed to encourage people to use a "silly walk" from the classic Monty Python sketch . But the notoriously bureaucratic Norwegian Public Roads Administration is not so amused.

YouTube link.

"One should not use signs that can be confused with public signs," section chief Elisabeth Bechmann said. "They are not very happy about it," Søby said. "They do not seem to have a sense of humour."

There's a video of more people, including police officers, silly walking across the zebra crossing here.


shak said...

I love it! Prefer that over the regular signs.

RoadFun said...

How Great!
The funny road-signs artist Clet Abraham ( installed in many european Cities does make the people smile, no confusion at all ;-)