Saturday, March 15, 2014

Postbox closed because dogs keep peeing on the door

A postbox in Bexley, south east London has been shut because dogs are persistently urinating on the door.

A sign saying 'This box has been closed due to the fact members of the public are allowing their dogs to urinate on the door' appeared a week ago. A woman, who lives near the box, said: "I was shocked when I saw the sign had been put up. I thought dogs peed on all postboxes.

"I don't see why this one should be closed. You don't see workers from BT closing the wiring boxes which dogs wee on as well. A lot of people rely on the postbox and it will just make difficult for the residents living nearby. The sign has been there for a week. It was a well used box and was always full."

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: "Dog fouling has been an issue for some time at this Bexley postbox. The box is sited at the entrance to a recreation area where dogs are let off the lead to run free. We have taken the decision to re-locate the box further away and we apologise to customers for the temporary disruption to their service."


BoS said...

I'm shocked that dog owners think that allowing their dogs to piss and shit anywhere they like is perfectly acceptable. Make dog nappies compulsory.

WilliamRocket said...

I have had pets ripped to pieces by neighbours dogs. The neighbours allowed the dogs to roam free and my 1.5 metre high fence is not high enough to stop them jumping it !!!.
The law states that dogs must be kept on the owners property or controlled if not.
Animal Control proved themselves to be too P.C. to do much apart from asking the neighbours to try harder.
4 months ago I got a gun and a police permit to own it, and put signs up around my 2 acre property reminding people that under the animal control act any dogs entering my property and annoying my animals can legally, and will be, shot.
Haven't had a dog on my property since.

Anonymous said...

Collect dog urine, then go and spray it on the dog owners front doors. Let's see how long it takes them to get the massage. Train the dog to not urinate on these particular boxes and the dogs will learn. It's the own who should go for training, not the dog.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant to say "Message", not massage. LOL.

Barbwire said...

Those must be some pretty tall dogs to be able to pee on the opening. I cry foul.

Insolitus said...

Barwire, they don't mean the opening the customer uses, but the door the postal person uses to take the letters out. I can imagine it's unpleasant to routinely have to handle anything urine soaked, if that's not part of the job description.

Barbwire said...

Thanks, Insolitus.

Insolitus said...

And sorry for misspelling your name, Barbwire.