Sunday, March 02, 2014

Squeeze box on Sunday

The gorgeous Sharon Shannon performs Dowd's Favourite/Mouth of the Tobique together with Donogh Hennessy in a tent at Glastonbury in 1997.

YouTube link.


SteveC said...

Brilliant. Sharon Shannon is one of Irelands treasures. I saw her play in Galway a few years back. Fierce good criac.

arbroath said...

I *heart* Sharon Shannon.

I remember you saying some time back you'd seen her play live. I envy you for that.

SteveC said...

It might be time for you do plan a road trip to caught a live show. You won't regret it!

arbroath said...

Cheers for that Steve!

I did actually get very close to seeing her perform at Glastonbury many moons ago.

Unfortunately I 'forgot' to turn up at the correct venue on time.