Thursday, March 27, 2014

Swedish family had monster 'viking' rat living in their kitchen

A Stockholm family was horrified to find a monster "viking" rat living in their kitchen. Pest controllers who were called in to catch the beast found it measured 40 centimetres (15 inches) - not including the tail. The family in Solna, north of Stockholm, had no idea what was in store when their pet cat was too scared to go into the kitchen. "We thought it could be a little mouse, but after a while we figured it couldn't be because it was making too much noise," Signe Bengtsson said.

Her worst fears were confirmed while emptying the rubbish a few days later when she saw a rat guzzling leftovers under the sink. "It was right there in our rubbish bin, a mighty monster. I was petrified. I couldn't believe such a big rat could exist," she said. "I couldn't help but do the old classic and jump on the kitchen table and scream." Her husband Erik Korsås who was away at the time was dubious that such an enormous rat could really be living in his kitchen. "When my wife called I said 'Yeah, sure, take it easy, I'll be home on Sunday. But by then it had jumped into the waste bin and had a Swedish smörgåsbord with all the leftovers," he said.

As the rat made more appearances over the next day, the family took to stomping around as they passed the kitchen to ensure they wouldn't meet the rat from hell again. "By the time I got home, the rat was so domesticated that it just sat under the kitchen table," Korsås explained, adding that it had chewed through the water pipes connected to the dishwater and started a small flood. When the family saw the rat scurrying into a nook behind the dishwasher, they put the kitchen on lockdown and called the pest controllers, who arrived with three heavy-duty traps.

The rat was caught by the neck soon after, but didn't die immediately and scurried away behind the dishwasher again. Bengtsson called her husband home to deal with the creature, which later died. He measured the rat to be 39.5 centimetres from nose to the start of its tail. "The kids were afraid it would come back to life as some sort of zombie rat. They didn't want to touch it," Korsås added. It turned out that the rat had found its way into the apartment cellars by chewing through cement and wood, the pest controllers explained. "It was quite a shocking experience," Bengtsson added. "No one wanted to go into the kitchen after, and the cat was terrified for a week. The pest controllers said they'd never seen such a big rat before."


MH said...

Master Splinter, nooo....

Anonymous said...

"Signe Bengtsson was the name of a young woman, Watson, ... She was the source of all we know of the giant rat of Sweden, a story for which the world is not yet prepared."


Anonymous said...

It had become so unafraid, it was just sitting under the kitchen table... My god.

WilliamRocket said...

Rather than release it into the wild somewhere, they kill it.
Welcome to the world of human arrogance.
If you don't fit into our plan, you get killed.