Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Terrorist pheasant is stalking farm

A "terrorist" pheasant has been attacking vehicles and chasing cats and dogs at a Cambridgeshire farm. Anne-Marie Hamilton said the male bird, which she described as "a complete lunatic", arrived at Wood Farm in Hail Weston three weeks ago. A delivery driver was trapped for 20 minutes after the bird blocked his way, flew at the bonnet then chased his van.

Mrs Hamilton said she was used to pheasants visiting her farm, but had not across this type of behaviour before. "He really has been terrorising us. He's not at all wary of people, and he chased my poor Jack Russell all the way down the farm track and back home," she said. "The dog was exhausted."

"One young girl was having her first driving lesson on our land and could not move the car because the pheasant would not leave it alone. I don't think we'll see our delivery driver for a while either," Mrs Hamilton added. When it is not busy seeing off her dogs, cats and visitors' vehicles, the pheasant has taken up residence outside her patio doors.

"We keep a big stick there so we can get in and out," she said. Paul Stancliffe, from the ornithology trust, said: "It's the start of the breeding season so the pheasant sees everything as a threat. He's trying to get everyone and everything off his territory so he can install his harem. It's not entirely usual for pheasants to see off animals or chase vehicles. It's not unheard of, but he's perhaps taking things a little to the extreme."

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