Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Woman knocked out robber with child-sized mannequin

An attempted robbery at a Brazilian dressmaking store came to a swift end when a bystander hit the alleged thief on the head with a child-sized mannequin.

Ex-convict Claudionor Castilho Batista and an accomplice entered the store in the city of Maringa on March 7 and told staff they were armed. The duo took cash and mobile phones then fled.

YouTube link.

Surveillance footage newly released by police shows Batista, 36, returning to the store soon after the alleged robbery to harass employees. In the video, Batista starts arguing with shop owner Jose Rangel Silva, who pulls out a handgun hidden in his waistband.

The two begin tussling for the gun, and Batista almost overpowers the store owner - until a brave passer-by picks up a child-sized mannequin knocked into the street and marches into the store to end the scuffle. During the incident Batista was reportedly shot twice, once in his left thigh and then in his left hand. He was taken to hospital then transferred into police custody.

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