Thursday, April 03, 2014

F*cking awesome sandwich shop soon to open in Sweden

A new sandwich shop soon to open in Gothenburg uses a coarse English swear word in its name and marketing. The owner says it's a question of humour.

Two brothers are set to open the new eatery in Gothenburg in the spring and have given their venture the name "A F*cking Awesome Sandwich." Co-owner Christian Ingber says he often heard the cuss word used in a positive sense during his years living in New York. Ingber, who also owns the restaurant Puta Madre, which means "Your mother is a prostitute" in Spanish, said the name was not to be taken too taken too seriously.

"It's not the F word in a negative context," he said. "It could be a question of humour, we thought it was a fun name. My seven-year-old daughter is not allowed to swear, but she knows how to use 'f*cking' in the right context." Ingber, whose daughter took part in the promotional video, said that several children in the video had American parents, and had attended a local English-language daycare centre where the teachers gave the video positive feedback.

Contains lots of NSFW language.

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"If anyone were to protest, it would be those teachers," Ingber said. "They called us silly." Ingber said he hoped there would be less focus on the name and more on the food. "To see the word rather than the product, that almost makes me a bit annoyed," he said. "I bet that 90 percent of those that grumble about us letting a child say f*ck take their children to be poisoned at McDonald's."

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Anonymous said...

I have found that in business or politics, overdoing "cute" or "clever" comes off as, to use a contemporary term, "lame."

Cf. Hillary Clinton and the U.S.-Russia "Reset" button. Ugh.