Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lenny the farting cat finds new home

Over the years, people have surrendered cats and dogs to Scottsville Veterinary Hospital and Pet Adoptions in New York for all sorts of reasons. But Lenny the cat may have the most novel back story of them all: He was surrendered because of excessive flatulence.

Lenny, the black and white domestic shorthair stray, was rescued from a Rochester, New York, park in February, nursed back to health at Scottsville, adopted last month, and within two days, returned to the shelter because "he farts all the time," according to the intake papers filled out by his two-day owner.

The short-time owner suggested the frequency and duration of Lenny's noxious emissions might make him much better suited for an outdoor life.

"But since he's been back here, there haven't been any problems," said Jessica Giehl, Scottsville's adoptions director. Clean living and a healthy diet may be the reason for that, "but we did still nickname him 'Smelly Cat.' " Lenny's story ultimately has a happy ending. He was adopted on Monday.

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Dee said...

LOL... my husband does that too. Maybe I can find him a good home.