Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wayward kangaroo rescued from swimming pool

A wayward kangaroo found itself in deep trouble when it jumped over a fence and into the backyard pool of a property in Victoria, Australia. The Eastern Grey kangaroo was found just in time. The large male had been fighting for his life for around four hours after jumping a fence and into the deep end of the swimming pool at the Healesville property.

Homeowner Jenny Low was alerted to the emergency by her barking dog. "He had his head out," Jenny said. "I got pretty upset because there was no way of knowing whether he could have got out on his own." A neighbour and a wildlife expert were called to help perform the delicate roo rescue.

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A restraint used to catch dogs was positioned over the animal's head before he could be sedated. Wildlife Victoria's Manfred Zabinskas said: "The main concern when a kangaroo has been in the water for so long is they will obviously struggle with energy. Eventually, they will get tired and the risk was he was going to drown."

The big buck was taken to the Healesville Sanctuary suffering from hypothermia, and with his nails worn down by the struggle to swim. A major concern for rescuers was that he could develop pneumonia. "He was very cold by the time I pulled him out," Mr Zabinskas said. "He's actually suffering from hypothermia and the vets are working really hard to get his body temperature back up." As the animal regains his strength, it is hoped that he will be released back into the bush soon.

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