Sunday, June 01, 2014

Police called to remove comedy club heckler

A heckler at The Grand Theatre in Swansea, Wales, was removed by police after he refused to stop cat-calling at Australian comedian Celia Pacquola during the monthly comedy club.

Manager Paul Hopkins said staff had to call police when the man and his friend would not leave. Mr Hopkins said the men believed they were doing nothing wrong but they had upset the audience. Mr Hopkins said he could not recall having to call the police to deal with a disruptive audience member in the last 20 years.

He said: "We don't have a heckler policy per se, but the idea is that you are coming to a professional venue and occasionally - and I do stress very occasionally - some people seem to have never fully grown up and just want to be the centre of attention. They were at the front and they had been asked by the comedian in a comedic way to keep quiet.

"But they wouldn't and other members of the audience were chanting "out, out, out" at them. We felt it was necessary to take action to allow the event to continue." South Wales Police were called to the theatre. A police spokesman said: "A couple of chaps got a bit rowdy and police officers were asked to help them to leave the premises."

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