Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Police officer dived under eight feet of water to rescue dog from submerged pick-up truck

A police officer rescued a dog from a submerged vehicle in Carver, Massachusetts, on Saturday afternoon. A 59-year-old woman drove her pick-up truck with two dogs inside into water at South Meadow village at about 3:40pm.

The Plymouth woman and one of her dogs were able to get out but the other dog was still inside the completely submerged vehicle, police said. Officer David Harriman, a dog lover, dived into the water and was able to open the truck door and rescue the dog.

The eight-feet-deep murky water made it almost impossible to see even his hand in front of his face, Harriamn said. The dog was shaken up but in good health.

"He wasn't moving at all when I first got to him, and then when I got him to the surface, he came to," he said. "He'd been under the water for quite some time." Harriman said he didn't think twice about going in the water to rescue the crying driver's dog.

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Well done sir.