Friday, June 27, 2014

Yogi the bear caught on camera raiding fridge

Baffled by a series of late-night raids on their outdoor fridge, caretakers at West Kelowna's Powers Creek Retreat in British Columbia, Canada, decided to set up a camera to catch the culprit.

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A it turns out, a crafty bear is to blame. "We know him quite well," Sandy Lewis says of Yogi, a young black bear who frequents the retreat. "We can't be 100 percent sure if it's the same one, but odds are it's him."

Yogi slowly opened the freezer door on top of the fridge before scanning its contents inside. Casting bags of frozen vegetables aside, he finally settled for what looks like a pie. "You could tell he had been in there before and the first time he opened the lid probably whacked him on the head," Mr Lewis said.

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"This time, he pushes it open and looks to make sure it doesn't hit him." Yogi has been around for a few years and is a part of the resort's family, although he mostly keeps to himself, according to Mr Lewis. He has never caused any damage to property and is often seen rolling in the grass with the horses.

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Barbwire said...

Much better treatment of the bear! Canadians are so much more civilized than we are.