Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pedal power used to move entire contents of flat

A group of people have moved the entire contents of a flat, in pouring rain, using only push bikes. Stuart John Fox and one other were moving from Kelburn to Newtown in Wellington, New Zealand, so approached the team at Bicycle Junction in Newtown to help out.

With the use of social media, six people - many who did not know one another - turned up in Kelburn on Sunday, Dan Mikkelsen from Bicycle Junction said. Most were on cargo bikes - push bikes with a large carry box on the front - and one turned up with a 6m homemade trailer for his bike.

''It was really shaping up to be a cracker on Sunday - wet and windy wise,'' said Mikkelsen. Between the six people and bikes they managed to load on a double bed, a desk, a chest of drawers, chairs and all sorts of bits and pieces such as books and bedding. The unusual procession made its way past the Botanic Gardens, into the city, around the waterfront and up to Newtown.

YouTube link.

It got stopped at one point by a police officer, who simply wanted to know what they were doing. There were plenty of thumbs up from passersby. ''There were only one or two that got a bit grumpy,'' Mikkelsen said. The procession made it to Newtown with all possessions intact and dry. ''We would like to do a whole house for the next one,'' Mikkelsen added.


Unknown said...

some mover only use bike

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Thanks for that.

I hadn't realised.