Friday, October 10, 2014

Burglar caught on video trying on woman’s panties

A man says his girlfriend is very scared after surveillance video captured a stranger breaking into their home and putting on a pair of her panties over his jeans.

The unidentified burglar is seen on hidden camera climbing through the window of the Chicago home at about 12:45am on September 25. Rather than steal anything, the man looks at his phone, before looking at framed photographs and trying on a pair of panties.

Homeowner Steve Fremond said he had only heard rumours of bizarre burglaries in the neighbourhood before his own home was broken into. "It would've been difficult for me to prove it if I didn't catch it on camera," he said. "The guy didn't take any valuables that we know of."

YouTube link.

Mr Fremond said without the video he probably would not have known the break-in happened. "My initial reaction to seeing it was mostly disbelief but once it sank in I was a little scared," he said. "My girlfriend was very scared though. If you look towards the end of the video you could see him take the picture of her off of the table." Mr Fremond has passed the video on to police but no arrests have yet been made.


shak said...

This dude isn't just creepy. He's Salad Fingers creepy.

Barbwire said...

OK. I'd rather have an anteater than this guy.