Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Police advise unhappy school student's against putting laxatives into teacher’s drink

A 14-year-old high school student in Perth, Australia, has been given a juvenile caution after slipping a laxative substance into a teacher’s drink. The incident happened last month at Melville Senior High School and resulted in the student being suspended.

The matter was also reported to police and the boy was interviewed after he put the laxative substance into a female teacher’s drink. Palmyra police station officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Craig Collins confirmed the student involved had been given a juvenile caution.

Sen-Sgt Collins said such acts had the potential to put the victim in danger. “The message we want to get out there is this kind of behaviour is not tolerated and can be dangerous,” Sen-Sgt Collins said. Melville Senior High School principal Phillip White confirmed the incident happened at his school.

“While the student may have thought this was a harmless prank, it could have had a serious effect on his teacher’s health – something which he has now recognised in a written apology,” he said. “School staff dealt with this issue swiftly by suspending the student for the remainder of the term and referring the matter to police.”


Barbwire said...

The police could use some schooling. It should be "you're" not "your".

arbroath said...

Heh heh, that was the first thing I noticed!