Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Johnny Depp buys a bath in Norwich

Johnny Depp has purchased a bath from a bathroom shop in Norwich.

The actor is said to have bought an antique bathtub from Stiffkey Bathrooms, in Upper St Giles Street.

While Depp did not visit the shop in person, his new bath holds pride of position in the shop window - complete with a tag stating “SOLD - Mr J Depp, Los Angeles, USA”

YouTube link.

The French Bateau bath on ornate feet dates back to 1880 and had a price tag of £5,000. Dan Hide, who runs Stiffkey Bathrooms with business partner Marc Brown, said the bath would be shipped out to America soon.


Shak said...

This news is about as intriguing as anything to do with the Kardashians. Really? The front page news?

arbroath said...

Apparently this is a big event in Norwich.

shak said...

I live near Norwich. They must not realize that they have a lot more to offer than this.