Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Accident-prone dog rescued after getting head stuck in pipe

A little dog with a penchant for getting into trouble had to be rescued by firefighters after getting her head stuck in a steel pipe on Sunday. Melissa Tabor and Judd Doramus were riding horses near their rural Idaho home in Garden City when their three year old Jack Russell Terrier, Baby Dog, ran off.

Though initially unconcerned when Baby Dog didn't come home, Tabor knew something was wrong. "We thought the coyotes got her or something," said Tabor It wasn't a predator that had snatched up Baby Dog, but the metal jaws of a pipe. "Her head was stuck in there and she was just going crazy," said Tabor.

Unable to pull her out, Tabor and Doramus called for help, taking Baby Dog to West Vet animal clinic and the power tools of the Boise Fire Department. With a little cutting - and plenty of sedatives - Baby Dog's escape began. "Something this small was quite a challenge because none of our tools are designed extricate something this small," said BFD Captain Tony Lloyd.

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Thirty minutes of grinding later and the terrier was free. With a quick check from the doctor, Baby Dog was given a clean bill of health. Still working off the sedatives, Baby Dog was reunited with her sister, Little Dog. The pipe was taken home as a souvenir. "I don't think she'll stick her head in a pipe again," said Tabor. This isn't the first time Baby Dog has got into trouble. In March of last year, she and her sister knocked Tabor's truck out of gear and smashed it into a fence causing $3,300 in damage.

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