Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Burglar stole woman's dog after masturbating in front of her before being shot

A burglar who masturbated while inside a woman's apartment and then stole her dog was shot when he tried to break into a second apartment, according to investigators in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The unidentified man, believed to be around 21 years old, climbed onto the balcony of a second-floor apartment in Franklin Commons in Bensalem on Sunday at around 8:40pm, police said.

"He was touching himself inappropriately on the second-floor balcony when he was confronted by the female," said Bensalem Police director of public safety Fred Harran. The man then tried to get to the woman by breaking through the window and entering the apartment, said investigators. He then took the woman's dog and went back out the window, police said.

The suspect then tried to break into another apartment on the first floor, officials said. Once he broke in however, a resident inside the apartment pulled out a gun and opened fire, striking the suspect twice, said Harran. The suspect was taken to Aria-Torresdale Hospital where he underwent surgery.

He remains in critical condition. No one else inside the apartment complex was hurt during the incident, according to officials. Harran said it didn't appear that the man knew the woman whose apartment he broke into. Police said they don't expect to charge the resident who opened fire.

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