Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lady unhappy about finding dead mouse in her popcorn kernels

A woman from Kingsbury, north west London, who wishes to remain anonymous, was horrified after she found a dead mouse lying in the packet of Island Sun popping corn she'd bought from the Tesco Metro in Burnt Oak.

Both she and her 24-year-old son had already eaten a portion of popcorn made from the kernels, after opening the packet an hour earlier, and were in the process of making more when they made the discovery on Sunday. She said: “I have been throwing up for the last few days since I found it and have hardly been able to eat anything. I feel so sick, so sick to the stomach to think I made a bowl of popcorn from this bag.

“My son feels the same. We are traumatised.” The grandmother-of-three said she had left a voicemail message with Brent Council’s environmental health office to report the find and is waiting for a return call. She said: “All the packets from that store should be recalled and an investigation launched into how this happened. I’ve been unable to touch anything else that was in the cupboard alongside this packet and I will have to throw it all out when I find the courage.

“I can never eat popcorn again.” A Tesco spokesman said: “We take complaints about products bought in our stores extremely seriously and were disappointed to hear of this incident. We have asked the customer to return the product to us and we will work with our branded supplier to help them investigate the issue thoroughly. We will update our customer as soon as the investigation is complete.”


Megan Huddleston said...

I don't know how this woman has survived this long at this level of mortification!

Ratz said...

What's a grandmother of three? A mother of one to infinity, who happens to have had three second generation offspring? Why would anyone even report that?

Barbwire said...

I suspect, Ratz, it was to evoke sympathy for the dear little old lady. I am a proud grandmother of 7, but I am not a dear little old lady.

Ratz said...

I wonder how big a rat pops if the kernels get so large.