Friday, January 23, 2015

Man who traded dog for rifle planning to kill his son and son's girlfriend sent to prison

A man from Mason City, Iowa, who traded his dog for a .22-calibre rifle that he planned to use to kill his son was sentenced to more than 22 years in federal prison on Wednesday. US District Chief Judge Linda Reade sentenced Billy Douglas Thorne, 58, as an "armed career criminal" because of six prior felony convictions for crimes including armed burglary.

Thorne was convicted in April of possession of a firearm by a felon after a jury trial. Thorne traded his dog, Luna, for a rifle in July 2012, according to witnesses who testified at his trial. Thorne told his ex-wife and other witnesses that he planned on using the firearm to kill his son, as well as his son's girlfriend.

In threatening text messages, Thorne told his son that he was coming after him. In one message, Thorne said: "i sold the dog, i gave her away for a shootem up." The son reported his father's messages to the Ankeny Police Department, and Thorne was charged with first-degree harassment.

Thorne's son went to Mason City with a witness who knew the rifle had been hidden in a park. Thorne's son turned the gun over to police. Thorne will be in the custody of the US Marshals until he can be transferred to prison. Additionally, he'll serve a five-year supervised release term after he leaves prison.


Anonymous said...

Bill Murray's looking pretty rough...

Barbwire said...

Sounds like they should throw away the key once he's locked up.