Friday, February 27, 2015

Would-be robber knocked himself out with his own boomeranging brick

A man knocked himself out cold with a brick while trying to smash a car window. Gerry Brady, owner of the Pheasant pub in Drogheda, Co Louth, Ireland, discovered a man lying near his Mercedes E Coupe car after he finished work. “At first I didn’t know what had happened, this was about 1am and we were just finishing up and heading home I seen this guy lying flat on his back with blood pouring from him, so naturally enough my partner and I went over to help him.

“Initially I thought the poor bloke had been knocked down by a car, he was in such a bad way And then when I asked him what had happened he told me his mate had attacked him He tried to explain that he had been drinking with a friend and a row started and he was battered,” he said. Mr Brady became suspicious when the ‘accident victim’ was reluctant to have an ambulance or the gardaĆ­ involved. “I immediately told him I was ringing an ambulance and the guards as he needed to report it, but he didn’t seem to want the cops involved which made me suspicious.

“My partner then noticed the damage to her car, I had a look at the Merc and could see dents on it. We got the cops and they took him away after we showed them the CCTV.” Mr Brady said: “We have the whole thing on CCTV, and it’s quite hilarious. At first he throws a small stone at the windscreen without success; he tries again with the same stone and still nothing happens. At that stage he decides to have a go at my better half’s car which was parked close by and manages to break a window and gets inside before cleaning out the glove compartment.

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“But he is still determined to get into the Merc and walks down a lane at the side of the pub before returning with the concrete block. Now fair play to him he gives it a right go. He takes a run-up and really lashes it at the windscreen, but unfortunately for him it rebounds and smashes him in the face, lifting him up into the air and laying him flat out. I’ll give him this - he was determined, he had three separate goes at it. He got some smack when the brick rebounded back into his gob,” said Mr Brady. A Garda spokesman confirmed the incident is under investigation.

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