Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Crane toppling onto Museum of Art wasn't commissioned installation

For some visitors, a crane near a sculpture outside the Dallas Museum of Art on Friday morning was a work of art.

But the truck-mounted crane resting on the roof of the museum wasn't supposed to be there. The crane had fallen backwards, injuring the crane operator and narrowly missing sculptor Mark di Suvero's red "Ave" steel sculpture in the garden.

The crane was erecting a party tent used for private events that are held on the museum’s south side. The crane needed to hoist heavy metal beams as part of the work, but the weight of those pillars somehow pulled the crane base off of the ground.

YouTube link.

Jill Bernstein, director of communications for the museum, said no works of art were damaged, though the museum's primary concern is for the well-being of the injured crane operator. There is no immediate word on what caused the crane to topple.

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sooz said...

With the weird stuff that passes for art nowadays, I'm not surprised this was mistaken for a modern art installation.