Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bomb scare after man robbed bank with sex toy

A man accused of robbing a bank with a bomb told police it wasn’t a bomb at all, just an adult toy and cell phone cable wrapped in duct tape. Nevertheless, roads were shut down and the bomb squad deployed when police pulled him over as a precaution.

According to court papers, 35-year-old Aaron Stein told police he robbed the bank because he was desperate because he had lost all his money in the stock market last week. Stein is accused of robbing the PNC Bank branch in Crafton, Pennsylvania, on Monday afternoon.  “He had a mask on, said he had a bomb, displayed some wires hanging out from underneath his shirt,” said Crafton Police Chief Mark Sumpter.

A teller described the device as having wires and a green light on the top that appeared to be a trigger button. Later on, Robinson Township Officer Mike Gastgeb spotted the suspect’s car. “I noticed a white Toyota Corolla with a male in it, sitting in this parking lot over here,” said Officer Gastgeb. “I went over to confront him, he drove away, I stopped him.” That’s when he says another officer saw money inside the man’s car. Police say Stein wound up confessing to the robbery and claimed he never had a real bomb.

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Unwilling to trust his word, police asked for the Allegheny County Bomb Squad’s help. Robots removed items from the car, and a briefcase in the trunk was blown open to see what was inside. No explosives were found. Stein was arraigned late on Monday night on nine felony counts including aggravated assault, robbery, threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction and the unusual charge of possessing a facsimile weapon of mass destruction.

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