Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dog rescued after getting stuck 25 feet up tree

A small dog was rescued from about 25 feet up a tree in Weldon, California, on Wednesday. Kern County Animal Services spokeswoman Maggie Kalar said that they believe the Chihuahua just climbed up the tree and was unable to get back down.

The tree is about 75 feet tall. Animal control officers worked with the Kern County Fire Department to get the dog down safely and unharmed.

The dog, Petra, was then returned to her owner. "It is quite unusual for our Department to respond to a call for a dog in a tree," Kalar said. "These types of calls usually involve a cat stuck up in a tree.

"We are very grateful for the assistance of the Kern County Fire Department Southlake Station for their assistance with the ladder and the for the retrieval of the dog from the tree. Together our two agencies were able to save Petra and reunite her with the owner."

Many thanks Gwen!

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Toogie said...

That's a weird looking "tree". Maybe it's California thing?
Looks like a shrub, but a 75 ft. tall shrub would be weird too.