Sunday, October 04, 2015

Criticism after council distributed recycling leaflets in non-recyclable plastic bags

Leaflets about recycling have been sent to householders in Liverpool in non-recyclable plastic bags. The advice sheets contain information about a new blue bin being introduced for recycling glass, cans, paper and plastic bottles.

The plastic wrappers will be destined for landfill sites. Green Party leader Tom Crone said it was ironic and "clearly a bad decision" by the Labour-led council to wrap the leaflet in unnecessary packaging.

Mr Crone said the move had "probably been counter-productive". "It's clearly quite ironic to inform people about recycling with a leaflet that has been wrapped in an unnecessary level of packaging which itself is non-recyclable," he said. Liverpool City Council said the leaflets had been distributed by a contractor.

A statement said: "Wherever possible we use recycled material - the leaflet itself is printed on recycled paper. The information in the leaflet is important to householders and it was felt if it was delivered just as a leaflet there was a danger it would be considered as junk mail and not read - using a transparent cover drew attention to the leaflet."

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