Monday, October 05, 2015

Little dog hailed a hero after chasing off three bears

A little dog is being called a big hero after she scared off three bears outside her home in Monrovia, California. Jules, a 20-pound French bulldog, met the bears at her home in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. “She wasn’t having it, you’re not coming in to her property,” said homeowner David Hernandez.

On Friday afternoon, two bears, believed to be about a year old each, wandered into the family’s front yard. A third bear was on the balcony, just out of range of the camera. Jules didn’t care how many bears there were or how big they were. She chased them off. One bear, estimated at about 100 pounds, scampered up the fence to get away from the little pooch.

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“She blew me away, couldn’t believe that she turned into a Wolverine,” Hernandez jokes. A wildfire in the area impacted the food supply in the foothills and the bears have been coming down, increasingly, looking for grub. Hernandez says some of his neighbours are even encouraging these visits by feeding them. “It is a crime, you can do jail time if you’re caught doing it. Some of my neighbours give them dog food in 25-pound bags,” Hernandez said.

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“There’s one lady in the neighbourhood who actually makes them meatloaf.” With two young children, Hernandez isn’t taking any chances with wildlife encounters. His daughter’s bedroom window is boarded up to prevent the bears from sliding the glass open. And he’s installed cameras that can alert him to any activity outside the home. For her heroics, Jules was given a bath, a treat and lots of kisses.

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