Sunday, November 01, 2015

Bread head


COSMO said...

your opening photo has always been key in piquing my interest.

i've witnessed your stumbles and your perseverance over the yrs...glad u do it daily still..can we make it eternal?

kudos as always


Barbwire said...

I can't think of any stumbles.

COSMO said...

well.. I've been here every day for about the last 10 yrs.

there have been times in our lives, and we've all faced such stumbles, whether it be issues with health, family or computer..i emphathize.

you needn't elucidate because i speak from knowledge having been here for yrs. That said, I in no way would disparage you or our dear friend

to stumble is to live

Amy said...

Another near cryptic crossword clue! It's clearly a double definition (because it's only two words). BREAD could be LOAF which is a euphemism for HEAD but HEAD is right there in the clue...

So tantalizing! :D