Friday, January 08, 2016

Firefighters rescued little boy with finger stuck in toy fire engine

A little boy dreaming of being a firefighter had to call on his heroes on Tuesday after getting his finger stuck in a toy fire engine. Rhyley Benney-Whorth, aged four, was playing with the toy fire truck at his home in Woking, Surrey when his finger got trapped in a water hole at the rear of the fire engine. After attempts by his mother and older brother to release his finger, they decided to take him to Woking Community Hospital to see if they could free his trapped digit.

But, despite the fruitless attempts of the nurses, the youngster had to turn instead to his heroes to save the day. Surrey Fire and Rescue Service sent one engine from Woking fire station to the hospital at around 3.30pm for what could prove to be their most unusual rescue of the year. Watch commander Ian Guest said: “His finger was really swollen so we had to make several incisions in the plastic using a saw. "A couple of cuts relieved the pressure and we were able to release his finger. The boy was exceptionally brave for his age.

"He told us he wanted to be a firefighter when he was older, so we gave him a tour of the fire engine and he loved it.” Rhyley's mother Lauren Kettle, said Rhyley was none the worse for his ordeal, and was "chuffed" to meet the fire crew. She said: "Rhyley's brother came downstairs to tell me Rhyley had his finger stuck in the back of the fire engine. We tried everything, oil, even Fairy Liquid, but nothing worked. I dialled 111 and they told me to come down to Woking's Community Hospital. I had to get Rhyley in my car with the fire engine, which was very tricky, as well as his two brothers and my mum.

"The nurses saw us straight away but they could not get it off his finger so they said we would have to call the fire service. Within five minutes, the firefighters had arrived. They were absolutely amazing and Rhyley was so brave, he didn't flinch at all even though they were taking the fire engine apart with a saw. He put so much trust in them. He's absolutely obsessed with fire engines and loves Fireman Sam. The fire engine was a Christmas present to his younger brother, so Rhyley and his brothers were chuffed when they got to have a tour of the engine. He went to bed with the biggest smile on his face."

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