Friday, January 08, 2016

Man arrested after broken Hello Kitty toothbrush led to luggage held hostage and brawl at hotel

A luggage mix-up at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas in Orlando, Florida, led to a couple locking themselves in their room and refusing to come out without compensation for a broken Hello Kitty toothbrush. Hotel staff called deputies early on Monday morning after unsuccessfully trying for more than two hours to get 14 bags of luggage that had mistakenly been delivered to the couple's room, according to an Orange County arrest report.

The couple, Setia Kurniawan, 49, of Australia, and his wife, Vonni Gustimego, 44, were staying in room 7845. The bags were supposed to be delivered to room 7854. When the hotel realised the mix-up, a manager went to the couple's room and tried to get the bags. The couple were upset, though, about a Hello Kitty toothbrush that broke while at the hotel. It is unclear how the toothbrush was broken. They demanded compensation, and when the hotel manager refused to immediately help, they escorted her out of the room and held the luggage hostage.

The manager told deputies the couple were "aggressive" and "confrontational when she contacted them about the mishap," the report states. When deputies arrived shortly after midnight, they announced themselves as law enforcement and knocked on the couple's door for more than 10 minutes. Deputies said the couple refused to open it, though, despite being threatened with arrest if they didn't give up the bags. Deputies said Gustimego eventually opened the door "abruptly," letting them inside to see the mixed-up luggage sitting in the foyer area. As they walked in, she stuck her finger in one of their faces and started yelling.

The deputy said he pushed Gustimego's hand down and then saw Kurniawan lunge toward him. He got Kurniawan on the ground, as Gustimego grabbed the hotel manager and pulled her into the room by her jacket. Deputies said she then hit a hotel security officer's ear. The deputies eventually secured the couple and arrested Kurniawan on charges of battery on a law enforcement officer, grand theft and resisting and officer without violence. He was taken to the Orange County Jail and released a short while later on bail. Deputies released Gustimego at the hotel to care for the couple's children. It is unclear if they were compensated for the toothbrush.

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