Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Motorist seen driving along with dead shark tied to bullbar of vehicle didn't want to attract sharks

A man filmed driving with a tiger shark tied to the bullbar of his four-wheel drive in Safety Bay, Perth, Australia, on Monday has revealed the story behind the mysterious sight. The elderly fisherman responsible has said he caught the shark while on board his boat, which is seen in the footage being towed behind his four-wheel drive.

He said by the time he landed the animal, it was dead, and he didn’t want to leave it in the water because divers were nearby and he was worried the carcass would attract more sharks. The man said the shark was too heavy to lift into the boat so he decided to tie it to his bullbar.

Julie Wright, who shot the footage with her phone, said she "had to look twice" when she saw the car. A Department of Fisheries spokesman said he couldn’t understand why someone would tie a dead shark to a bullbar and that the department did not condone such behaviour.

LiveLeak link. Original Facebook video.

The department is still looking to speak to the fisherman to ascertain whether a breach of the Fisheries regulations had occurred. According to the Department of Fisheries, any shark caught in Perth and the South West must be smaller than 70cm from the front of the dorsal fin on the top of the shark to the back of the smaller rear dorsal fin.

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