Thursday, January 07, 2016

Real life Lassie guided police officer to canine companion in need of rescue

Police and firefighters rescued a small dog in Orange, Massachusetts, on Tuesday morning after he became stuck and his canine companion went for help.

Firefighter Meaghan Ahearn said the dog had a little blood on his ear but did not seem seriously hurt during his ordeal. “Everything worked out fine. They’re both in the care of animal control and going to be checked out at the hospital. Dog hospital,” Ahearn said.

According to the Orange Police Facebook page, two small dogs took off on Tuesday morning after their owner was taken to the hospital at around 8am for a medical condition. Police were unable to catch the dogs, who wouldn’t allow anyone near. Officer Chris Bisceglia drove through the neighbourhood again a few hours later, looking for the dogs.

One of the dogs ran up to him, barking, and insisted that the officer follow him through a field to an embankment, where Bisceglia saw that the other dog had slid about 30 feet on the ice to the bottom of the slope and become tangled in undergrowth. Orange firefighters were dispatched at 10:22am and extended a ladder down the slope to reach the dog, carried to safety by firefighter James Hopkins.

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