Friday, February 12, 2016

Possum found living in toilet paper dispenser returned to the wild

A possum which chose to set up home in a toilet paper dispenser in the toilet block of Yarra Bend Park in Melbourne, Australia, has been moved to "more spacious accommodation" after being spotted by a cleaner.

The creature appeared to have made itself comfortable in its new home by shredding up some of the toilet paper, so it was probably surprised when the 'door' to the dispenser was opened up.

The cleaner promptly contacted rangers to remove the medium-sized arboreal marsupial and find it somewhere more suitable to live - a box high up in a tree. Ranger Cameron said it was one of the more unusual finds he had come across.

“Rangers often see strange things at times but I was not expecting this following message from the park’s cleaners: “Hi Cameron. There is a possum living inside the paper dispenser of the toilet at the Loop picnic area. Thank you.”

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