Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cat rescued from roof using a cardboard box as an improvised slide

A cat was rescued from the roof of a two-storey house in Cardiff, Wales, thanks to a piece of cardboard used as an improvised slide. Farah Mukhtar, a PhD student at Cardiff University, said she heard the cat miaowing outside on Sunday evening but could see nothing when she went to her front door.

The 29-year-old, who is originally from Malaysia, said she could still hear the cat, whose owner lives a few doors down, on Monday morning before she realised it was on the roof of the Riverside home she shares with her husband Syafiq Basar and three-year-old son. “I never thought it would be on the roof,” she said.

“My husband tried to call the cat to the other side of the house so it would be easier to catch it, but it didn’t want to. A ladder was too short so we couldn’t use that. There was a contractor working nearby who tried to call it but it didn’t want to move.” The couple got in touch with the fire brigade but were told they would only get involved if contacted by the RSPCA.

Farah said: “We tried to make him jump but it didn’t want to. So eventually my husband used the cardboard box and got it to slide down into the house.” Syafiq then grabbed hold of the cat from the window although there was still a hairy moment when it appeared reluctant to be rescued. But after consolidating his grip on the moggy, Syafig ensured the cat could be reunited with its owner.

With video of the rescue.

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