Sunday, April 24, 2016

Council says that new cycle lanes aren't cycle lanes

Cyclists in Birmingham city centre were left scratching their heads when two new cycle “lanes” appeared overnight along Corporation Street last Monday.

At first glance the two lanes, less than 15 metres in length and 100 metres apart look like lanes specially designated for those on their bikes. They were put down by contractors working on behalf of Birmingham City Council.

A spokesman for the city council said although the markings were designed for cyclists, they were NOT cycle lanes but were there to give bikers advance warning to dismount. The spokesman said “This is not a cycle lane. This marked area is just the advance warning to a point where cyclists will be asked to leave the carriageway and dismount.

“This is because part of Corporation Street is not suitable for cycling, as the new tram platforms will encroach fully into the gap between the kerb line and the tram track. We do not want cyclists trying to cross the tram tracks at a shallow angle, getting caught in the rails and falling off their bikes.”

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Ratz said...

Having the word dismount, or a cycle with a line through it would probably be much more useful than having what to all intents and purposes looks like a mini cycle lane.