Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Crane dropped plane on to wall

A disused airliner has fallen from a crane on to a wall in southern India.

The Air India Airbus A320 was hoisted 20m (60ft) above the ground while being moved at Begumpet Airport in Hyderabad to the company's nearby flight training centre.

The crane, mounted on a large road transporter, buckled under the aircraft's weight, officials said.

Video has no sound.

YouTube link. Shorter YouTube video with sound.

No-one was hurt. Despite the mishap, the plane will still be used for training, Air India said.


Anonymous said...

Argh! Now we have Internet corruption the opposite way. It used to be that we'd see "onto" when it should be "on to". Now it's the other way around. Caption should be using "onto".


P.S.: Not ribbing you, Arbroath. The Internet has so much bad grammar in it that keeping oneself clear of it is a 24-hour job. And even then, it slips in, sometimes, without notice.

Barbwire said...

I have to wonder how someone thought one crane could handle an airbus.