Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Duck stuck in chimney rescued by firefighters

Firefighters in Golden, Colorado, rescued a lucky duck after it became stuck in a woman's chimney on Saturday night.

When a homeowner tried to start her fire, she noticed something strange. That's when she found the duck sticking upright inside the chimney.

The woman called Golden Fire Rescue, who quickly sent Engine 21 as "Duck Command" to help rescue the bird. Lt. Steinhoff was able to free the duck from around the flue without harming the animal.

The homeowner helped Steinhoff give the duck a bath with washing up liquid in her kitchen sink, and released the animal back into the wild in good condition. According to Golden Fire Rescue's Facebook post, the homeowner is now warm and Lt. Steinhoff has a new feathery friend.

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Barbwire said...

There are screens to keep wildlife out of chimneys.