Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Elderly dog rescued after swimming nine miles in search of her owners

An elderly dog went on quite a journey last Monday. 14-year-old black Labrador, Fergie, swam about 9 miles between Coral Gables and Biscayne Bay in South Florida.

Fergie's owner says she probably had separation anxiety and entered the water near their home in hopes of finding her owner. She was spotted by a resident who called 911 to report the middle-aged dog swimming in the middle of the bay. Miami Fire Rescue quickly headed to the scene to help.

"They just left the house for two hours or so and didn't realise that the dog was able to get out of the house. It jumped into the water thinking it was going to find its owners out there," said Miami Fire Rescue. Lt. Ignatius Carroll. Two people who also saw the dog jumped into the water to try and help.

Fergie was rescued in Biscayne Bay in the Edgewater area of Miami, which is about 9 miles from her home. Her owners said their pet loves to swim, but usually with the family. Miami Fire Rescue said as soon as Fergie saw their rescue boat, she started swimming directly toward them. She was later happily reunited with her owner.

With video of a very happy Fergie being reunited with her owner.

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