Friday, April 22, 2016

Firefighters rescued dog from third-storey ledge

Firefighters in Hoboken, New Jersey, swung into action on Tuesday morning, rescuing a dog from a third-storey ledge after he was lured outside by the beautiful weather, a city spokesman said.

Skipper, as the four-legged sunbather is known, was taken down from the ledge on Hoboken's main drag by Hoboken Fire Department firefighters who had received a call at 9:32am, said the spokesman, Juan Melli.

"Skipper broke through a screen and decided to enjoy the nice weather out on the Veranda," Melli said. Skipper didn't pose a threat to his rescuers, Melli said, adding, "He was not aggressive."

Melli said no firefighters were injured in the incident, which they executed with the same professionalism they would a human rescue. "And they don't distinguish between cats and dogs, either," Melli added.


Shak said...

Really? Was that necessary? It doesn't sound as if the dog was in any distress. Leave it be.

arbroath said...

I agree with you, Shak.

It looked like it was having a lovely time.

Amy said...

And they couldn't open the window right next to him and lure him back in because... ?