Saturday, April 16, 2016

Intoxicated lady arrested for allegedly pretending to be a bull and charged at passing cars

A woman from Brownwood, Texas, was arrested on Wednesday after police say she pretended to be a bull and charged at passing cars. Police received a 911 call at around 8:30pm. The caller said an intoxicated woman was charging passing cars in the street, like she was a bull.

By the time police arrived Erika Lenz, 39, had been dragged inside by her sister and teenage son. The report says her teenage son told police his mother had “consumed large quantities of tequila.” The officer warned Lenz to stay inside. According to the report, Lenz “smugly” replied she would.

But a short time later, she ran into the driveway. After her sister dragged her back inside, Lenz ran out a second time, but was stopped by the officer. Worried that Lenz was a danger to herself or others, police arrested and charged her with public intoxication and assault family violence.

Lenz disputes what police said in their report. She said that she was drinking vodka, not tequila. She also said she was not charging cars like a bull. Lenz said she stepped into traffic without looking. It wasn’t her first alcohol-related run-in with police. Jail records show she was arrested last month for DWI.

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