Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Man says he spotted cat the size of an Alsation on nearby roof

Bill Spencer, of Rhodesia in Worksop, Nottinghamshire thinks there is a wild big cat on the loose. He was sitting with his wife on Saturday and was shocked to see a “big cat the size of an Alsatian” nearby.

The mysterious feline had a “long neck” and was “moving forwards in what can only be described as a stalking manner” on the roof of a barn.

Mr Spencer, who managed to capture the creature on his mobile phone, said: “It’s hard to see just how big it was from the photo, but it was the size of an adult Alsatian (German Shepherd).

“There are a lot of cats in the area, but nothing as big as this. It looked down from the roof for around five minutes, and then slowly went out of sight on the other side of the barn.”

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