Saturday, April 09, 2016

Man travelling across Oklahoma while dressed as a tiger found to be in possession of marijuana

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics agents made an unusual discovery when making a stop on Thursday morning.

OBN Public Information Officer Mark Woodward says the OBN K9 Interdiction unit working along I-40 in western Oklahoma pulled over a vehicle.

When the agents approached the driver they discovered he was dressed as a tiger. Despite the costume, Woodward says the agents realised the man was acting unusually.

After a search of the man's vehicle, the agents found a small amount of marijuana. Woodward says when agents asked the man about his costume he told them he "wanted to travel across Oklahoma comfortably". Woodward says the man is from California. He will likely face a misdemeanor charge.

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Anonymous said...

"... wanted to travel across Oklahoma comfortably"

Good luck with that. For anyone.