Friday, April 08, 2016

Man unhappy about woman squatting upstairs in his house who refuses to move out

Daniel Riegel returned home one day last month to find a woman he didn't know had moved in. He asked her to leave, but she refused. He called police and they say there's nothing they can do.

“It’s been hell. Meth heads, heroin addicts and drug dealers. I don't even know who these people are,” said Riegel of Flint, Michigan. Those are just some of the shady characters Riegel says are coming in and out of his house. He says that's how it’s been ever since he went out of town for a few days - and came back to find a woman staying upstairs, a woman he didn't even know.

Riegel says while he was gone, his friend, who is now in jail, was keeping an eye on the place and invited the woman to stay for one night because she had nowhere to go. That was a month ago. Riegel says when he called Flint police, they came out but told him they couldn't do anything. They said to start the formal eviction process, which involves going to civil court. In the meantime, Riegel is living downstairs while this woman he does not know is living upstairs.

In the last month, about $1,000 worth of his stuff has gone missing. “She stole my swords, my meat clever and my 360 game station,” Riegel said. Riegels's godfather, who owns the home, says they've given her a formal eviction notice - but she isn't taking it seriously. Flint Police said because someone allowed her to stay at the home in the first place, and because it's been longer that 72 hours, it becomes a civil matter - and they have to go to court.

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WilliamRocket said...

Jeepers, first you can't drink the water there, and now you can't leave home for a few days.
Throw her off the balcony, say she got high and fell off.

jnaldo said...

I don't understand how you cannot just change the locks and lock her out?