Sunday, May 29, 2016

Caterpillar web cordoned off after becoming a tourist attraction

A 30ft-long caterpillar web beside a DIY store in Stirling, Scotland, has been cordoned off after becoming a tourist attraction.

Thousands of caterpillars have covered a bush with the giant nest beside the city's Wickes store. Visitors from as far away as Motherwell have travelled to see the unusual sight.

The creatures feed on cherry trees, hawthorn and blackthorn and build the webs to ward off predators. One onlooker said he "hadn't seen anything like it in 50 years", with another calling it "creepy, scary and amazing",

YouTube link.

The store has now cordoned off the web to protect it, with a company spokeswoman saying it was "in the process of finding out more."

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Amy said...

If those are tent caterpillars, don't not preserve them. Destroy them with fire.