Sunday, May 01, 2016

Hedgehog rescued after becoming stuck in cattle grid

A hedgehog found himself in a spot of bother after becoming trapped in a cattle grid. The RSPCA were called out after the spiky creature became stuck in Swansea, Wales. Animal collection officer (ACO) Ellie West attended Applegrove, in Reynoldston, and found the hedgehog had become jammed in a tight hole. She said: “He had got himself into quite a predicament.

“When I arrived I tried to pull him backwards by getting my hand around his waist but because of his spines catching on the sides and the top of the hole I couldn’t move him at all. I tried pushing him through from the other side with a padded pole but again just couldn’t move him. As I was looking into the grid I found a hog skull along with some other bones, which I assume were those of another trapped hog that had come to a horrible death.”

After using a ruler to push through above the hedgehog to try and push the spines down ACO West were able to free the creature. The hedgehog was taken to Gower Bird Hospital where they gave him fluid by injection under the skin to get him rehydrated. The creature was given a few days rest with food and water until it was released on Tuesday following a clean bill of health. ACO West said: “The hedgehog has been marked so if found again he can be identified and this would not affect the hedgehog in the wild.

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“We would advise that it is always worth checking cattle grids in your area in case there is any wildlife that has been trapped in them. It’s not unusual for animals to get stuck in cattle grids and some grids have ramps in them to allow an animal to climb back out. This grid in question had a ramp at one end but the hog had fallen down at the opposite end and had to make its way through it to be able to free himself.”

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