Friday, May 06, 2016

Man attacked ex-partner's new boyfriend with bottle and knife then joined them for a cup of tea

A man attacked his ex-partner’s new boyfriend with a bottle and a knife then joined them for a cup of tea after the assault. Steven Shepherd, 39, of Dingwall, Scotland, appeared from custody at Inverness Sheriff Court on Tuesday when the “bizarre” tale was told by fiscal Roderick Urquhart.

Shepherd admitted assaulting Christopher Macleod by striking him on the head with a bottle to his injury and then throwing a knife at him at his home on February 15 this year. Also in the house was Shepherd’s former partner of 15 years, Donna Spence who had gone round to visit him with her new partner. Mr Urquhart said: “Sometime after midday, Christopher Macleod went out to buy a bottle of vodka which Shepherd paid for and on his return all three shared in it.

“Shepherd drank most and quickly became drunk then he got up off his chair holding the vodka bottle, walked over to where Christopher Macleod was sitting and proceeded to strike him a single blow with the bottle to the top of his head causing a gash.” Macleod and Shepherd returned to his seat, only to “have a go” at Macleod, Mr Urquhart went on. “As Macleod and Spence made to leave, the accused opened a kitchen drawer, removed a knife and followed them out of the house, brandishing it and shouting, “Come on then!”

“He then threw it at Macleod but it missed. Somewhat bizarrely they all went back into the house.” Mr Urquhart told Sheriff Margaret Neilson that Mr Macleod refused a suggestion by a neighbour to have hospital treatment to his head gash. Defending, Aileen Macinnes said all parties had known each other for some time and after the incident had returned to the house for a cup of tea. “And rather than go to accident and emergency, Mr Macleod chose to have a tin of beer instead.” Shepherd was jailed for 12 months backdated to February 17, when he was taken into custody.

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