Sunday, May 22, 2016

Man mistook noisy pigeons for neighbour having an orgasm following installation of solar panels

A man from Welling, Kent, thought noise coming from pigeons on his roof was a neighbour having an orgasm after having solar panels fitted. And he is warning people who are thinking of getting solar panels to make sure netting is included in the contract. Roy Miller paid £8,000 to have them installed on his roof last November, but did not get any sort of netting to keep birds away.

Now, noisy pigeons are waking him up in the early hours of the morning. He even mistakenly believed the sounds were made by a neighbour having an orgasm. Mr Miller said: “I had solar panels installed in November and that’s when it all started. “A salesman called my house phone explaining the benefits of having the panels. He convinced me and I had someone come round to install them.

“People that I’ve talked to told me to be careful as you get birds nesting on your roof without any proper netting.” He added: “I don’t have a problem with the number of pigeons on my roof, it’s just the noise they make. They keep me up at night and when I do go to sleep, they wake me up in the morning. At first, I thought it was a neighbour having an orgasm.”

The 58-year-old wants people to be aware that when installing solar panels, they must get the correct netting. Mr Miller went on to say how someone once counted 27 pigeons on his roof at one time. He said: “I know they disturb my neighbours - it’s just unsociable. All I do is bang my roof to try and get the pigeons to fly away because they’re so loud.”

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WilliamRocket said...

Why would anyone have an orgasm after having solar panels installed ?