Sunday, May 08, 2016

School warns parents not to turn up smelling of alcohol or smoke cannabis at gates

A head teacher has warned parents not to turn up smelling of alcohol or smoke cannabis at the school gates while waiting for their children. Parents at Hillocks Primary School in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, complained about the smell of alcohol and cannabis.

They said it was a brilliant school with a select few behaving badly. Headteacher Louise Regan said it was an "isolated incident" and they will be monitoring the situation. The message sent to parents said: "We've now had a number of adults approach us to say they have concerns regarding the use of cannabis and alcohol by parents picking up children at home time.

"Can we please remind you we have asked you not to smoke outside the school gate." It added police will be informed if necessary. One mother said: "I was the one to report the cannabis smell because I didn't think it was right around the children." Another parent said: "This is a brilliant school, the teachers are brilliant, everything is brilliant - the families who come here are brilliant. It's just a select few who think they can do what they want.

"They are smoking [cannabis] outside school. It's disgusting." Some parents smelt strongly of alcohol during the school run, they added. Ms Regan said: "[Parents] feel uncomfortable walking in and bringing children through a smoky atmosphere and I think lots of people would agree that's not healthy for young people. We have only asked them to stop smoking outside the school, which I think a lot of people with agree with."

There's a news video here.

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