Tuesday, May 10, 2016

So-called Running of the Goats became a reality

When the Covington Farmers Market in Kentucky announced its inaugural Running of the Goats event on Saturday, organisers had no idea it would become a reality. The goats were meant to walk in a parade celebrating the opening of the market, when they decided otherwise.

Seven goats were supposed to trot through Covington, starting at the Farmers Market and ending at Goebel Park, with a group of 40 human volunteers who were to act as a barrier around them. At around 1:15pm a group of six goats escaped near the Kenton County Administration Building and began running through Covington. They passed the Farmer's Market and crossed several streets.

"They came out and then immediately started making a break for it," Amanda Regensburger, one of the volunteers, said. The goats were identified as the Goebel Goats, who "work" seasonally at Goebel park. The search party moved from the Farmer's Market to the Covington UFO and then Devou Park. Three goats were captured in woods near the park, one was captured in a fenced-in yard near MainStrasse Village.

YouTube link.

Owen Powell cornered some of the goats. His dad caught one. "The other bolted pass the guy and I went to dive for it," Powell said. "And as I dove, I planted my foot and scraped my leg against the rock, so I got a 3-inch-long laceration and a 1-inch-long laceration." On Sunday morning, the final two of the goats were captured after spending the night in the Devou woods. Organisers said they are now considering some changes for the event next year.

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